Measuring the Impact of Process Improvement Initiatives on Customer Satisfaction

Learn how to measure the impact of process improvement initiatives on customer satisfaction. Understand how to use customer feedback to improve processes and create value for customers.

Measuring the Impact of Process Improvement Initiatives on Customer Satisfaction

You want to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. To do this, you need to collect customer feedback from all your channels and use it to improve the entire customer journey. For instance, if you notice that your processes have low uptime during certain periods of the day, you can investigate the cause and take steps to prevent it in the future. This exercise is a great way to come up with bigger and better ideas to enhance service and the customer experience.

Your employees need to understand the connection between your process improvement efforts and your company's mission. Additionally, process uptime is a good measure of the state of the process and can be used to identify potential areas for improvement. Formal processes, also known as procedures, are documented and have well-defined steps. While addressing issues and other problems is an important part of improving processes, a more effective approach is to evaluate procedures that are already working. There are several factors that can affect process uptime, such as process downtime, system downtime, and user downtime.

It's important to emphasize process improvement during the employee hiring process and then reiterate it in detail during training. To truly commit to process improvement, companies must accept that not evolving carries more risk than changing the status quo. There's a big difference between creating a process improvement program and a process improvement culture. By assigning key process improvement responsibilities to your managers and supervisors, you ensure that key employees remain actively involved. If you use Kanban boards to manage your work, you can create a dashboard to track metrics that will boost your improvement activity.

The customer effort score should be used together with the NPS to get a more comprehensive view of a customer's loyalty. However, it's essential to have a realistic timeline for the success of a process improvement effort so that everyone stays on track and the initiative doesn't fizzle out. By taking the right steps to improve processes, companies can save money, drive innovation, improve talent retention, and create more value for their customers.