A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Process Quality

Measuring process quality is essential for organizations to reduce variation in care delivery and improve quality and cost. Learn how SERVQUAL, value stream maps, and cloud-based software solutions can help.

A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Process Quality

Measuring process quality is an essential part of any organization's operations. It helps reduce variation in care delivery, improve quality, and lower costs. A value stream map is a great tool for describing a care process and pinpointing potential points of variation that can be measured. Quality metrics can provide insight into the health of a company, customer satisfaction, safety, performance, and efficiency.

SERVQUAL is a questionnaire that gives customers the opportunity to provide more detailed answers. An undercover agent can evaluate the service based on criteria provided by SERVQUAL. It is also beneficial to focus on inputs, or the elements that contribute to the provision of quality services. Companies may have control and auditing departments to evaluate quality management processes and suggest improvements.

Health Catalyst is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services for healthcare organizations. Standardizing processes ensures that all patients receive the same high-quality care at the lowest possible cost. Manual methods can be used to track improvements in one or two processes, but once you get to the third, fourth, or fifth process, manual work becomes unsustainable. Developing standard procedures for evaluating quality management processes could save companies time and resources in the future. Monitoring the time elapsed from discovery to resolution of discrepancies is another valuable metric for managing process quality. Improving products or processes can also improve brand reputation in the global market.

A process manager must collect, analyze, and compare appropriate data with any established standard or objective to ensure that the process is effectively managed. Cloud-based quality management software solutions can help you manage quality processes from start to finish.